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new Ceramic coating offer!!!

Our beloved ceramic coating service just got even better for a limited time! We are now offering with our ceramic coating service FREE coating of your lights, windows, and wheels ($200-400 originally). We’ll also throw in a FREE bottle of Ceramic Spray so that you have peace of mind after you leave!

Promotional Starting Pricing is Shown Below (price may vary depending on size, color, and vehicle condition).

Our ceramic coating installation service provides a 5-year protective layer to your vehicle’s exterior surfaces, starting with a thorough wash, iron removal, and clay and paint prep. We then perform full paint correction and apply the coating, including headlight protection. Additional charges may apply for coating wheels, inside panels, and windows. Our service ensures long-lasting protection, enhancing your vehicle’s appearance and value.

Man worker of car detailing studio applying ceramic coating on car paint with sponge applicator

New Scratch Repair Offer!!!

For a limited time, our highly sought-after scratch repair service has become even more enticing! With every 4 panels repaired at $75, you’ll receive one panel repaired for free, along with a complimentary spray wax service for an extra layer of added protection. 

Take advantage of our promotional starting pricing below (pricing may vary based on size, color, and vehicle condition). Hurry before it’s too late!

Our paint correction service restores and rejuvenates your vehicle’s paintwork, starting at $75 per panel. It includes panel preparation, clay treatment, a 5-stage polishing process, and protective spray wax. Additional charges may apply for extensive scratches or touch-ups. Our affordable service ensures your vehicle looks its best and maintains its appearance for years.


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